M.S. Ceramic Design

M.S. Ceramic Design

M.S. Ceramic Design Crafted by American ceramicist Michael Smolcich, his ceramics embody a minimalist yet functional aesthetic. Drawing significant inspiration from the realm of architecture, Michael's pieces exude a robust and distinctly masculine vigor. Michael's creative process involves sculpting from solid blocks of clay, each piece shaped according to its intended form. Whether it's delicately pinched, boldly pulled, or masterfully thrown on a potter's wheel, each technique contributes uniquely to the final design. Slab construction is another facet of his technique, allowing for varied shapes and textures. Sometimes, these methods merge, pushing the boundaries of clay into stunning designs. Though functionality is a cornerstone of Michael's philosophy, some creations are meant solely to captivate and intrigue, serving no purpose other than to fascinate. His ceramic tables challenge conventional materials, using clay—fired at temperatures up to 2,400°F—to craft durable, unexpected furniture pieces. The transformation from fragile clay to sturdy ceramic is not just a process but an art form in itself. Larger ceramic pieces stir a unique curiosity, enhanced further by glazes that vary in thickness and texture, sometimes left raw to reveal the clay's natural beauty. Lighting pieces, such as lamps, marry art with utility, featuring bases that command attention through their form and finish, topped with carefully chosen shades that alter the piece's character entirely. In every creation—be it a utilitarian object, a statement table, or a sculptural lamp—Michael's ambition is to inspire and transform spaces. His work is designed to draw the eye, provoke thought, and stand out with a subtle yet undeniable presence.

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6608 Lexington Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038
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